At least 38 senators call on Al Franken to resign Video

  • Now Playing: Sen. Franken called on to resign by female colleague

  • Now Playing: Multiple female Democratic senators call for Al Franken to resign

  • Now Playing: Al Franken vows ‘to be much more careful’ in wake of sexual misconduct allegations

  • Now Playing: Senate candidate Roy Moore gets support from Steve Bannon despite allegations of sexual misconduct

  • Now Playing: At least 38 senators call on Al Franken to resign

  • Now Playing: Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in historic move

  • Now Playing: Steve Bannon slams Mitt Romney for not serving in Vietnam

  • Now Playing: Special counsel subpoenas Deutsche Bank for financial records

  • Now Playing: Ex-Trump official campaigns with Roy Moore

  • Now Playing: Steve Bannon takes aim at GOP establishment at Moore rally

  • Now Playing: Opponents in high court wedding cake case differ over terms

  • Now Playing: Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore receives support from Trump and RNC

  • Now Playing: Trump does not answer questions about possible plans to pardon Michael Flynn

  • Now Playing: Nevada Democrat accused of sexual misconduct says he won’t resign

  • Now Playing: ‘The Briefing Room’: Rep. John Conyers steps down

  • Now Playing: Trump weighs moving US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

  • Now Playing: Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Roy Moore, Russia probes and more

  • Now Playing: RNC reverses decision, will now fund Roy Moore

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