Donald Trump: Travel ban should be ‘tougher’ in the wake of another London terror attack

President Trump said Friday that the travel ban into the U.S. should be “tougher” in the wake of another terrorist attack in London.

“The travel ban into the United States should be far larger, tougher and more specific-but stupidly, that would not be politically correct!” he tweeted.

Mr. Trump proposed a travel ban earlier this year to temporarily restrict people from six Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S. and also stopped the refugee resettlement program until further security measures are reviewed. The Supreme Court lifted restrictions on Mr. Trump’s travel ban, which has faced numerous legal battles since the president presented the plan.

The president said that terrorist attacks need to be treated proactively and called the perpetrators “sick and demented.”

“Another attack in London by a loser terrorist.These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!” Mr. Trump tweetedadding, “Loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner.The internet is their main recruitment tool which we must cut off & use better!” he added.

He also said his administration has made more progress than his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

“We have made more progress in the last nine months against ISIS than the Obama Administration has made in 8 years.Must be proactive & nasty!” he tweeted.

Authorities in the British capital are treating the incident as a terrorist attack after at least 22 people were injured during a fire on a subway train. The fire was apparently started from an explosive device. Police say the device only partially detonated, limiting the injuries, none of which are life-threatening.


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