Trump Bans Transgender People, Then His Draft Dodging Papers Get Leaked

Yesterday, President Trump tweeted out (before he told the Pentagon – let that sink in for a minute) that the U.S. would be banning transgender individuals from military service.  It’s ironic for several reasons: First, it breaks a campaign promise that Trump made saying he would be a unique conservative standing with the LGBTQ community. Second, well, do we really want a p***** grabbing draft dodger deciding who is fit for service or not?

First of all, they aren’t “your” generals, Trump. Way to show your ignorance.

Second, the weekends you spend on your golf courses cost far, far more in tax dollars than medical costs for transgender in the military.

Third, remind us of your military service, Mr. President:

Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition pointed this out…

Bustle points out:

Four of the deferments were because of college, while one was due to a bone spurs in his heel — something Trump himself doesn’t seem to fully remember. In a recent interview with the New York Times, for instance, he said the bone spurs were “temporary,” “minor,” and had no real impact on him. Yet he’s also said that the bone spurs made it difficult for him to walk “long-term.” In other instances, he’s declared that he’s in perfect health, and his longtime physician stated Trump has had “no significant medical problems” in over 40 years. They both seem to have forgotten that one problem supposedly so detrimental that it kept him from serving.

Simultaneously, Trump has said that it was ultimately getting lucky with a high draft lottery number that kept him from the war. However, he had already been deferred for medical reasons for over a year when the draft lottery started, making the lottery irrelevant for him.

Then, oh yes, there are the comments he made regarding Senator John McCain — a prisoner of war during Vietnam. He said that McCain was not a war hero, and that Trump liked “people who weren’t captured.” And let’s not forget the audio clip from the ’90s in which Trump told radio host Howard Stern that avoiding STDs while dating is his “personal Vietnam.”

This is a giant step backwards for our nation. And that sentence could apply to this announcement or this entire presidency. History will not look back kindly on this man, his family, his administration, or his voters/supporters.

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