First Somali-Muslim Police Officer in Minnesota MURDERS Blonde Girl in COLD BLOOD – You Won’t Believe DISGUSTING Reason Why…

Many Americans are concerned that Muslims are slowly infiltrating our society, and bringing their backwards culture and Sharia Law with them. Unfortunately, something happened today that confirms this.

While numerous Americans are concerned about radical extremists, which is a completely legitimate concern, there’s actually something that’s FAR more insidious. It’s how Muslims have conquered nations for thousands of years—it happens time and time again, and yet NOBODY seems to notice it.

It happens so slowly, and so sneakily, that like a frog put into water that slowly increases in temperature, nobody notices it until it’s too late. This phenomena is known as “creeping Sharia,” a term which has been coined by right wing patriots over concerns of increasing Muslim influence.

This “creeping Sharia,” as it’s called, is how Muslims infiltrate a society. While many of them resort to more violent means, such as bombing the world trade center or shooting up a night club, others are more clever with their tactics.

Slowly, but surely, they start to immigrate to a nation, and they refuse to assimilate. They have more children, they demand special treatment for Islamic followers, and they even start to work their way into positions of power, such as judges, doctors, and even politicians.

One HORRIBLE even that just happened recently, confirms that Sharia creep is 100% real, and it’s something that we must be vigilant of. Just two days ago, on July 15th, an innocent blonde yoga instructor was murdered in cold blood, for an absolutely DISGUSTING reason.

The murder took place in a back alley on W. 51st Street, between Washburn and Xerxes avenues S. in the city’s Fulton neighborhood. The woman, Justine Damond, didn’t stand a chance against such brutality and ruthless violence.

On the night of her murder, she called 911, fearing that a man had accosted someone behind her home. The police car rolled up to her house, and she walked out in her pajamas, desperate to speak with the police officers.

According to The Minneapolis Star Tribune, she walked up to the police car to speak with them about the potential crime that had been committed. Then, out of nowhere, Mohamed Noor pulled out his gun and shot her dead.

His reasoning, was that he was “spooked,” despite there being two police officers in the car, and her being in her pajamas. Many are furious, and some have outright attacked him, claiming that he’s a murderer, and a sorry excuse for a police officer. Aren’t they trained to NOT shoot unarmed women in their pajamas?

Interestingly enough, they also report that “No weapon was found at the scene,” which sounds awfully suspicious—if the first Somali-Muslim officer really did fear for his life, why would he ditch his weapon? Pamela Geller reports:

“If a blonde cop killed a Muslim, we would all be raked over the coals. There would be marches and calls for sharia legislation and god knows what.”

She says that the shooting death has “…caused outrage, in both Australia and Minnesota,” but many conservatives are concerned that the man will retain his position as police officer.

If you’re FURIOUS over this COLD BLOODED MURDER, please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless America.

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