WASHINGTON ON FIRE! Jeff Sessions Just Got Really Bad News.. HE NEEDS HELP RIGHT NOW!

Jeff Sessions recusal is not a good thing. It keeps him out of the spotlight. Now the lead prosecutor in the case of Russian meddling in the elections is now Barack Obama plant. This is a hit plain and simple.

It appears that the Democrats are trying to do a second McCarthy because they think Americans have forgotten about McCarthy.

*** Let me tell you! You can’t find this information anywhere yet!

The Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente will oversee investigations that have to do with the presidential campaign by the FBI or Justice Department attorneys. HE IS AN OBAMA PLANT. He was promoted by Obama to the U.S. attorney in Alexandria, Virginia in 2015.

His confirmation hearing is scheduled on Tuesday, according to CNBC.

Remember what Jeff Sessions said:

It’s time to drain the swamp. It’s time to drain that frickin’ swamp people. It has taken way too long to confirm Trump’s people. The Democrats got DESTROYED in the last election.

They should not be setting the pace. We should. Where the hell is the Republican party? Is this not the party Lincoln?

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Thanks for reading. (h/t CNBC)